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This is my MASTER FIC LIST. Every fic I have posted online is located here. It will be updated at any time something new is written.

Axis Powers Hetalia:

In Progress:

You Can't Take the Sky From Me (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Ace Pilot America is on a mission for the World Military when a chance encounter with a group of Sky-Pirates leads him to team up with their captain, England, against a malevolent group that wants to fill the sky with zeppelins.
| Ongoing- Twenty-seven chapters at current | Pairing: AmericaxEngland, various others | Alternate Universe | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama/Action+Adventure/Steampunk

Waltzes, Minuets, the Whole Lot (FF.net/Writing Journal)
America and England are invited to a ball put on by France, but America discovers that he's more than a bit rusty on the art of fine dancing. Luckily for him, he can always ask England for help.
| Ongoing- Two chapters at current | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Modern Times | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Hero Frequency (FF.net/Writing Journal)
America’s sure that his band has all it needs to be the winners of his high school’s Battle of the Bands competition. Well, almost everything. That is, if only he could convince England to loosen up a bit from his student council position and play guitar for them; then perhaps not only would their band be back on track, but so would be his relationship with England.
| Ongoing- Three chapters at current | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Alternate Universe | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Cerulean (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Arthur is spending a normal summer at his father's beach house in Cape Cod, when he encounters the extraordinary in the form of an enthusiastic young merman named Alfred, who holds an intense curiosity for Arthur. Over one summer, they'll fall in love. Over one summer, their lives will change forever.
| Ongoing- Five chapters at current | Pairing: AmericaxEngland, various others | Alternate Universe | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Finding Freedom (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Arthur is a guardian angel who feels as if he's at the bottom of the heavenly ladder. Alfred is Freedom Star, a young superhero at the top of his game. When their paths cross, Alfred's life (and Arthur's afterlife), will never be the same.
| Ongoing- Two chapters at current | Pairing: AmericaxEngland, GreecexJapan | Alternate Universe | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama/Action

United Nations (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Short stories about a pair of nations, united in more ways than one. A collection of AmericaxEngland fics spanning many genres.
| Ongoing- Eight Chapters | Pairing: PolandxLithuania, PrussiaxSwitzerland, GermanyxItaly, HRExChibitalia, FrancexCanada, SwedenxFinland, AustriaxHungary, Prussia+Germany | Various Time Periods | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: All genre

Special Relationship (FF.net/Writing Journal)
A collection of drabbles featuring the "Hetalia" cast. All genres, many pairings.
| Ongoing- Three Chapters | Characters/Pairings: AmericaxEngland | Various Time Periods | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama


Besotted (FF.net/Writing Journal)
England’s eyes were heavily lidded and his breath smelled of bitter pale ale and slightly burnt scones, which would probably be just about the most unattractive combination in the world to anyone but America.
| One-shot | Pairing: EnglandxAmerica | Modern Times | Rating: R | Genre: Romance/Humor/Light Lime

Swing Sets and Picnics (FF.net/Writing Journal)
“I cannot believe,” England spoke between swings, the wind muffling his words, “that I came across the pond to play on a blasted swing set with you.”
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEnglan | Modern- 2009 | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff

Two Hundred Years Coming (FF.net/Writing Journal)
America grabbed his shoulders tightly and fiercely turned him around. “Over two hundred years!” He shouted, his blue eyes flashing, a mixture of anger and sadness reflected in their depths. “It’s been over two hundred years, and you still let it…” He paused, and England could have sworn he heard a hitch in his voice. “You still let it stand between us.”
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEnglan | Modern Times | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama

Easter Eggs on Monday (FF.net/Writing Journal)
The White House Easter Egg Roll was open only to families with children under ten, and England briefly wondered if he and America, two young looking men on their own, stuck out like a sore thumb. When America took his hand again a few moments later, this concern intensified. “They probably think we’re a pair of bloody weirdoes.”
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEnglan | Modern- 2009| Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor

Doors to the Past (FF.net/Writing Journal)
While helping to clean America’s house, England stumbles across a room that reawakens old memories. It’s a room America is familiar with, and it’s full of a history they can only face together.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Modern Times | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama

Fireworks Over the Harbour (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Now he was just England, the United Kingdom. And it made him feel… so old. There was America next to him, bright and shining and golden and strong. There was Hong Kong, the small colony who nurtured so many people, who had become a powerful territory in his own right.
| One-shot | Pairing/Character: AmericaxEngland, Hong Kong | Modern- 1998 | Rating: PG | Genre: Drama/Gen/Romance/Friendship

To the Moon and Beyond (FF.net/Writing Journal)
He’d always been one to reach for the sky, America had been. Even with his natural cynicism, England couldn’t deny the awe he felt at what he was watching with the other nation. America’s blue eyes welled up as his flag was planted on the surface of another world, and England couldn’t find it in himself to quip at the other country for his display of emotion. He could understand quite well why America felt the way he did.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Modern- 1969 | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Early to Rise (FF.net/Writing Journal)
England has always been a morning person, someone who believes it's best to be up with the dawn. But America has other ideas. Sleeping in? That's what Saturday mornings are for! Now he just needs to convince England of it...
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Modern Times | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor

Furniture Wars (Or, Why Denmark Really Wants Norway to Love this Lamp) (FF.net/Writing Journal)
This lamp was going to blow Norway away. He’d forget IKEA even existed when he saw this beauty beside his sofa.
| One-shot | Pairing: DenmarkxNorway | Modern Times | Rating: PG | Genre: Humor/Romance

The Victory Kiss (FF.net/Writing Journal)
England was going to kiss America, and nothing, save the King himself, was going to stop him.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | WWII- 1945 | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/General

Perfectly Imperfect (FF.net/Writing Journal)
While on their first vacation together as a new couple, England's insecurities come to light. America is not okay with this, and he takes it upon himself to show England exactly the way he sees him.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Late 1940s/Early 1950s | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/General

Unconditional (FF.net/Writing Journal)
It had been almost twenty years, but she came. She came for him and she came for her, and Ukraine would never stop, no matter the warnings or the words of disagreement from others. There were things so much deeper than politics, deeper than a past that many others would be unable to forgive, things she treasured close to her heart, kept alive by the warmth of cherished memories.
| One-shot | Characters: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia| Modern Times | Rating: PG | Genre: Family/General

English Roses (FF.net/Writing Journal)
It was their engagement that had borne the idea in America’s mind. If he was going to bind himself to England, then maybe he should give England a little piece of himself as well, like the older nation did for him every year.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland | Modern- 2010 | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/General

Seven of Four (FF.net/Writing Journal)
even scenes from the fourth day of July, America's Independence Day. Throughout the years America has encountered many people, many friends, and many stories, and all have left him with reason to celebrate.
| One-shot | Pairing: AmericaxEngland, various America friendships | 1791, 1884, 1927, 1942, 1976, 1997, 2009 | Rating: PG | Genre: General/Drama/Humor/Romance

Doctor Who

Hide 'n' Seek (FF.net/Teaspoon/Writing Journal)**
The Doctor and Rose play hide 'n' seek in the TARDIS. It had been a silly idea, childish and ridiculous- but so very them.
| One-shot | Pairing: Ten/Rose| During Season Two | Rating: PG | Genre: Humor/Fluff

10.5/Rose fics are listed not in the order in which they were written- but the order in which they fall within my timeline. All 10.5/Rose fics take place within my Science and the Human Heart Universe unless otherwise noted. However, despite this, they will all make sense on their own and don't require knowledge of other fics.

Second Guesses (FF.net/Teaspoon/Writing Journal)**
Directly Post 04x13- Rose, I do understand that my other self will always be a part of our lives. I don’t want you to forget him, just as I wouldn’t want to be forgotten...
| One-shot | Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose| Post-Journey's End | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama

The Trouble With Tabloids (FF.net/TeaspoonWriting Journal)**
The Doctor engages in some "quality" magazine reading and is surprised by what he finds.
| One-shot | Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose| Post-Journey's End | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor

Simply Bananas (FF.net/TeaspoonWriting Journal)**
A romantic evening for the Doctor and Rose goes awry when the Doctor's quirkiness gets the best of him. "Upon coming in and seeing the least sexy way in the universe in which she could imagine the Doctor, the mood had been undeniably, irrevocably, destroyed."
| One-shot | Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose| Post-Journey's End | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor

Ghosts of Christmas Past (FF.net/Teaspoon/Writing Journal)**
The Doctor drags Rose along to a Christmas exhibit that claims to have "real Victorian ghosts." Neither of them quite expect what happens when they get there...
| One-shot | Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose| Post-Journey's End | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff

How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It) (FF.net/Teaspoon/Writing Journal)**
Jackie Tyler wants more than anything to have a normal Christmas morning with Pete, Tony, Rose, and the Doctor. In fact, she'll *do* anything to make sure that desire is fulfilled. Look out universe!
| One-shot | Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose| Post-Journey's End | Rating: PG | Genre: Humor/Family/Romance/Fluff

Harry Potter

A Meeting in Hogsmeade (FF.net/Writing Journal)**
The winter after Voldemort's defeat, Harry and Ron pay a Holiday visit to Hogsmeade. Upon arriving, Ron has something special in store for his best friend...
| One-shot | Characters: Harry+Ron | Post-Deathly Hallows | Rating: PG | Genre: General

A Fighting Strength (FF.net/Writing Journal)**
Ron and Hermione discuss their own anxieties and their moments of weakness over studying.
| One-shot | Pairing: RonxHermione | Post-Deathly Hallows | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Two Down, Five to Go (FF.net/Writing Journal)
After Charlie's seventh year, he discusses his chosen career with his mother.
| One-shot | Characters: Charlie Weasley, Molly Weasley and rest of Weasleys | Pre-Canon- Summer of 1991 | Rating: PG | Genre: Humor/General/Family

In the End We'll Smile (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Although he knew it wasn’t true, he felt like if George Weasley could not laugh, tell jokes, and be happy, then maybe no one could.
| One-shot | Characters: Ron Weasley and George Weasley| Post-Deathly Hallows | Rating: PG | Genre: Drama/Angst/Family/General/Humor


In Progress:

Mukashibanashi (FF.net/Writing Journal)**
[A Tale of Long Ago.] Inuyasha is an ordinary junior high student who has a most extraordinary fifteenth birthday. Pulled into the past, he unseals Kagome, a hanyou who is just looking for some answers. An AU variation on the series.
| Ongoing- Four Chapters At Current | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| Alternate Universe | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Alternate Universe/Drama/Action+Adventure/Romance/Humor

Epoch Dawning (FF.net)
Five years post Naraku, Kagome and InuYasha are newly engaged and the future looks bright. But an old shrine record reveals that she still has a destiny in the past. It’s a war greater than the one over the Shikon, and InuYasha and Kagome are unable to escape.
| Ongoing- One Chapter At Current | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| Post-Series by Five Years | Rating: PG-13 (Possible R later on) | Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Action Adventure

Ai no Kakera (FF.net/Writing Journal)
[Shards of Love] An InuYashaKagome fanfic collection done for livejournal claim projects. All genre, all rating, all InuKag.
| Ongoing- Seven Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| Various | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/All Genre

Transience (FF.net/Writing Journal- Note: Not all ficlets can be found in my writing journal. FF.net is the more complete collection!)
[Shards of Love] An InuYashaKagome fanfic collection done for livejournal claim projects. All genre, all rating, all InuKag.
| Ongoing- Fifteen Chapters | Characters: InuYasha, Izayoi, Sesshoumaru, Kagura, Kohaku, Rin, Inu-tachi, Kagome, Akitoki Houjo, Buyo, Chiyo, Suikotsu, Sessmama | Various- some anime canon | Rating: PG | Genre: All genre

By Your Side (FF.net/Writing Journal- Note: Not all ficlets can be found in my writing journal. FF.net is the more complete collection!)
A series of vignettes centering around the InuYasha/Kagome relationship past, present, and future.
| Complete (From now on all InuKag shortfic will be posted in Ai no Kakera)- Fourteen Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| Various | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/All Genre


A Little's Enough (FF.net/Writing Journal)**
With victory comes sacrifice, but Kagome isn't sure how to handle the changes those sacrifices bring.
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| End of Series | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst

Domestic Bliss (FF.net/Writing Journal)**
Newlyweds Kagome and InuYasha face unexpected predicaments as they adapt to their new apartment. Interesting things happen when Kagome goes to work every day, resulting in copious amounts of carefully baked gifts. What's going on?
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha| Post-Series by Several Years | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Humor

Seasons Change (FF.net/Writing Journal)
Like the seasons, people change. Their hearts reshape and they look back on their earlier days in a different light. InuYasha and Kikyou are no different, and their wish on the shikon no tama helps them to realize that.
| One-Shot | Pairing: KikyouxInuYasha | Fifty Years Before Canon/No Naraku Alternate Reality | Rating: PG | Genre: General/Drama

Equivalence (FF.net)
Sometimes sacrifice is the only way to gain true happiness. But although change can be an awkward thing, the joy that results from it is far worth the price.
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | End of Series | Rating: PG | Genre: Drama/Romance

Affirmation (Insanejournal)
He was already wondering why sex was made out to be some spectacular rite of passage, because the blood rushing to his head was causing him to feel more than a tad bit dizzy.
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Post-Series | Rating: R | Genre: Romance/Lime

Dear Friends (FF.net)
Nineteen years took its course upon the young man's life before he found himself with the most crucial companions he could ever desire.
| One-Shot | Characters: Miroku + Inu-tachi | In-series | Rating: PG | Genre: Drama/General

Resplendence (FF.netl)
However, no matter how much rouge lay upon her lips, and no matter how many beads of jade she wore around her neck, she could never hope to match up.
| One-Shot | Pairing: TsubakixKikyou | Fifty Years Ago Timeline | Rating: PG | Genre: Drama/Romance

A Matched Pair (FF.net)
InuYasha realizes that sometimes having Kagome help him with things isn't so bad after all...
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Late Series | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Fluff

For All of Us (FF.net)
Almost fifteen years after the defeat of Naraku, InuYasha, Kagome, and the rest of the Higurashi family prepare for a festival at the shrine that now has special meaning to them...
| One-Shot | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Post-Series by Several Years | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/General

One Promise to be Kept (FF.net)
When Kagome invites InuYasha to spend Christmas with her- the two find a way to show each other through this Holiday that they want to be a bigger part of each other’s lives, and to express the feelings of love they’ve held all along.
| Three Chapters- Complete | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Post-Series | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Humor

In Order to Break Me (FF.net)**
A routine outing for Kagome and InuYasha turns cataclysmic and the two realize that sometimes life throws you some unpleasantly ironic twists, but you can only overcome them with the care and support of the one you want to always be by your side
| Four Chapters- Complete | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Post-Series | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Action Adventure

Choices to be Made (FF.net)
Naraku defeated and the Shikon no Tama completed and in her care, Kagome reflects on what it means, the battle itself, and what she knows she needs to do with the jewel- give it to the one person who desired it at the beginning- InuYasha.
| Two Chapters- Complete | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | End of Series | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama


Honor to Us All (FF.net)
Taking her family's place in the war, Kagome meets up with InuYasha. Along with their three friends they must stop the huns, break into song, and hide the fact that Kagome's not an ordinary solider. It's chaos in the making in this parody of Mulan.
| Hiatus-One Chapter | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | AU Parody | Rating: PG | Genre: Parody/Humor

The Beginning of Tomorrow (FF.net)
What if things were different? If Kagome's trip to the past had never occurred, and she unsealed InuYasha in her time? Now InuYasha must come to grips with waking up 500 years in the future, and Kagome is his only guide on his new adventure in life.
| Hiatus-Nine Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Alternate Reality | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Romance/General

Heart and Determination (FF.net)
A collection of stories featuring Higurashi Kagome: the love, the devotion, the growth, the power, and the strength of this most extraordinary lead female.
| Hiatus-Two Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Various | Rating: PG | Genre: General

In More Ways Than One (FF.net)
Legend tells of the tragic tale between a Miko and Hanyou. She, the guardian of the Shikon and He, the boy who seeks the jewel- came to fall in love. But just one change could have altered their paths and made this tale anything but a tragedy.
| Hiatus-Seven Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Alternate Reality| Rating: T | Genre: Romance/Drama

A Fortuitous Blunder (FF.net)
Spending her senior year break in the past with InuYasha, Kagome finds that this summer is going to be a dull one, until an accident leaves her and InuYasha in an embarrassing situation. However, in the end it leads to great rewards for the couple...
| Hiatus-Eleven Chapters | Pairing: KagomexInuYasha | Post-Series| Rating: T | Genre: Romance/Humor

Gundam Seed/Destiny

This Moment is Everything (FF.net/Writing Journal- Note: Not all ficlets can be found in my writing journal. FF.net is the more complete collection!)
A collection of GS and GSD drabbles and ficlets, spanning all genre and characters.
| Three Chapters Ongoing/Possibly Complete | Characters: ShinnxStellar, Meer, DearkaxYzak | Various | Rating: PG | Genre: Various

Our Song (FF.net/Writing Journal )
They met by mere chance, but it was destiny brought them together.
| Three Chapters- Ongoing| Pairing: KiraxLacus | Various | Rating: PG | Genre: Various

Have Faith (FF.net/Writing Journal)
When all was said and done and the two had reached sanctuary aboard the Archangel, Athrun had only one primary concern upon regaining consciousness. Is Meyrin okay?
| One-shot | Pairing: AthrunxMeyrin | Episodes 36-38 GSD | Rating: PG | Genre: General/Romance

Forward Bound (FF.net)**
As an evening storm descends upon their island home, Lacus and Kira find themselves at the beachfront sharing a special moment with one another.
| One-shot | Pairing: KiraxLacus | Post Seed/Pre Destiny | Rating: PG | Genre: Romance/Drama

Panties (Writing Journal)
Yzak Jule does the laundry...
| Drabble | Pairing: Athrun--->Kira | Seed- Pre Athrun's Desertion | Rating: PG-13 | Genre: Crack/Spamfic


Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Secret Identity (FF.net/Writing Journal)
An off topic discussion...
| Drabble-Complete| Pairing: Peter ParkerxMary Jane Watson | Early in SM ♥ MJ Storyline | Rating: G | Genre: Romance/Humor

Sayruun Celebrities [Zelgadiss/Amelia]
Cranberry Sauce [Zelgadiss/Amelia, Lina/Gourry]
Magic Lessons [Zelgadiss/Amelia]

Fushigi Yuugi
Who Were You? [Miaka and Amiboshi]


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