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Title: How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It) [ FF.NET ] [ TEASPOON ]
Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor/Family/Romance/Fluff
Word Count: 3,470
Summary: Jackie Tyler wants more than anything to have a normal Christmas morning with Pete, Tony, Rose, and the Doctor. In fact, she'll *do* anything to make sure that desire is fulfilled. Look out universe!
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4!

Last thing we need is an urgent call to Torchwood or our Christmas tree trying to murder us again... )
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Title: Simply Bananas [ FF.NET ] [ TEASPOON ]
Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG-13 for sexytimes
Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff
Word Count: 1,820
Summary: A romantic evening for the Doctor and Rose goes awry when the Doctor's quirkiness gets the best of him. "Upon coming in and seeing the least sexy way in the universe in which she could imagine the Doctor, the mood had been undeniably, irrevocably, destroyed."
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] abarero at [livejournal.com profile] himitsu_santa. I can't believe you made me write this. xp

He probably had no idea how ridiculous, ergo, how cheesy, he looked either... )
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This is the continuity post for my Science and the Human Heart 10.5 and Rose universe.

More details on this timeline under the cut... )

Saturday 09/21/13 // Second Guesses
Sunday 09/22/13 // Fic in Progress
Saturday 10/04/13 // Fic in Progress
Monday 10/21/13 // Fic in Progress
Tuesday 10/29/13 // The Trouble With Tabloids
Saturday 11/02/13 // Fic in Progress
Thursday 11/21/13 // Simply Bananas
Monday 12/16/13 // Ghosts of Christmas Past
Wednesday 12/25/13 //How Jackie Tyler Saved Christmas (And Will Never Let Anyone Forget About It)
Friday 10/17/2014 // Fic Almost Done!
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Title: Ghosts of Christmas Past [ FF.NET ] [ TEASPOON ]
Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor/Fluff
Word Count: 3,644
Summary: The Doctor drags Rose along to a Christmas exhibit that claims to have "real Victorian ghosts." Neither of them quite expect what happens when they get there...
Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] miss_jen_b at the [livejournal.com profile] oh_she_knows Secret Santa. Hope you enjoy! Shrove Tuesday- The day before Ash Wednesday. Everyone eats pancakes!

He was most likely about to give her a bizarre little trinket- a new pencil with a funny topper, or a coupon for a free caramel covered clementine... )
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Title: Second Guesses [ FF.NET ] [ TEASPOON ]
Pairing: 10.5 Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama
Word Count: 2,909
Theme: For the [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses theme #4- Our distance and that person.
Summary: Rose and the Doctor directly post Bad Wolf Bay. "The Doctor had changed bodies once before when they were together, but this wasn’t the same. It wasn’t even comparable. Nonetheless, as much as it felt wrong to say "you," it felt just as wrong to say "he." On the beach she’d called him Doctor. That wasn’t incorrect. Regardless of whether there was another him flying about time and space in the TARDIS somewhere, it was still the man in the blue suit’s name."
Note: Journey's End Compliant. Has a happy ending. The Gallifreyan matched lifespans bit refers to the novel Lungbarrow. I'm not a big fan of Lungbarrow and don't consider it canon, but I liked that bit enough to use it.
Note Point Two: Thanks to everyone who commented on this fic, all fourteen of you. Unfortunately when I was doing some revising on this journal I pushed the wrong button and deleted the post. Yes, I am quite irritated with myself. Gah. Here’s the repost.

Rose, I do understand that my other self will always be a part of our lives. I don’t want you to forget him, just as I wouldn’t want to be forgotten...  )
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The DoctorxRose Tyler Theme Table for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses:
01.Look over here 02.News; letter 03.Jolt!
04.Our distance and that person 05."Ano sa" ("hey, you know....") 06.The space between dream and reality
07.Superstar 08.Our own world 09.Dash!
10.#10 11.Gardenia 12.In a good mood
13.Excessive chain 14.Radio-cassette player 15.Perfect blue
16.Invincible; unrivaled 17.kHz (kilohertz) 18."Say ahh...."
19.Red 20.The road home 21.Violence; pillage/plunder; extortion
22.Cradle 23.Candy 24.Good night
25.Fence 26.If only I could make you mine 27. Overflow
28.Wada Calcium CD3 29.The sound of waves 30.Kiss

New fics will be linked upon completion.
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The Trouble With Tabloids [ FF.NET LINK ] [ TEASPOON ]
10.5 Doctor/Rose
Theme: #02- News; letter for [profile] 30_kisses
Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,181
Summary: The Doctor engages in some "quality" magazine reading and is surprised by what he finds.
Note: Journey's End Compliant, humorous fluff fic! Pete seems pretty darn prominent. I mean the President comes to his wife's birthday party. As such, this seemed a likely scenario to me.



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