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Here's the first of several sets of Hetalia drabbles. I'm offering requests in my lj, and these are the results so far.

Prompt: Cooking [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PolandxLithuania
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 225
Summary: Poland and Lithuania bake cookies for a World Summit. [For [livejournal.com profile] a_white_rain]

"We should like, totally make pony shaped cookies," Poland offered as he adjusted the bubblegum pink apron he was wearing.

Lithuania sighed. "We're making cookies for a World Summit Poland. Do you really think every other nation is going to want to eat ponies covered in pink frosting?"

Poland stopped mid-stirring the batter and smacked his forehead. "Oh, duh. Pink frosting is such an amazing idea, Liet. Thanks for suggesting it!"

He was walking over to snatch the vegetable oil so he could grease the pan when Poland offered this suggestion. Lithuania grimaced. "Come on Poland. I mean can you imagine what everyone will say when we walk in with pink ponies covered in sprinkles?"

"Sprinkles!" Poland said excitedly. So excitedly, in fact, that he ended up slopping a spoonful of batter onto his apron. "Why didn't I--- " He paused and pouted when he registered the rest of Lithuania's statement. "Hey, wait a second. Since when should it like, at all matter what everyone else thinks?"

Lithuania's green eyes widened and he bit his lip. Poland's pout was difficult to deny, and he wasn't precisely incorrect. "It uhh... doesn't really matter at all, you're right." He gave Poland a gentle smile then walked behind him, leaning his chin onto his shoulder. "I can make cookie cutters. I'll whip up a pony one right now."

Prompt: Maple Syrup [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: FrancexCanada
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 170
Summary: Canada serves France his favorite dish and awaits a reaction. [For [livejournal.com profile] viola_player]

Canada flushed as France slipped the fork out of his mouth. His pink tongue moved deliberately, languidly across his lips, licking the remaining maple syrup off of them.

"D-do you like them?" Canada stuttered, blue-violet eyes downcast. He shoved his own pancakes back and forth across his plate with one hand and used the other to fidget with a napkin.

France didn't reply for several moments. Instead, he took another bite of his meal. Canada had never seen anyone eat a pancake so elegantly. Giving up on receiving a reply, Canada shoved a forkful of pancakes into his mouth. His lips dribbled with maple syrup, and he reached for the napkin when he felt a hand rest upon his own. He glanced up and met France's eyes.

"Mon cheri." France leaned down, his breath tickling Canada's reddening cheeks. "They are delicious." He pressed his lips to Canada's in a kiss, his tongue not missing a single bit of maple syrup as it flickered across his lips and into his mouth.

Prompt: Camera [ FF.NET Link ]
Pairing: PrussiaxSwitzerland
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word Count: 226
Summary: Prussia and Switzerland share a kodak moment in bed. [For [livejournal.com profile] abarero]

"Get the hell away with that," Switzerland snapped and shoved the camera from his face. He reached for the rifle on the side of his bed as a threat.

Prussia grinned, pulling the camera away; but not before sneaking one quick photograph of the irritated nation. He was straddled over Switzerland, the bed creaking under the pressure of his knees as he shifted. "Sorry Switzerland. Would you rather have a picture or something else?" He turned the camera around toward himself and snapped another photo.

Sliding down in a laying position next to Switzerland, Prussia rested his head on his hand and showed Switzerland the picture he'd just taken on the digital camera. "This one is pretty awesome, it can't be denied. I could get it printed, blown up, and framed for your wall."

"Oh for Christ's sake!" It was, of course, a photo of Prussia. A devious smirk on his face and his shirtless chest were the two most prominent aspects of the image. "Just turn the damn thing off or I'm pulling my gun into the bed." He paused for effect. "And I won't put the safety on."

Prussia shrugged, pushing the 'off' button and lowering his head so he was on Switzerland's level. "True. There's no need for a picture when you've got the real thing."

Switzerland smacked him and then kissed him.


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